Coming from theatre where I used to work as an AD and carrying a MA. Degree in Musicology and Theatre studies, I like the intersection of a storytelling, multimedia & technology-based spatial experience.

I develop strategies, concepts and campaigns mostly in the field of branded entertainment, spatial communications, shows, events and exhibits, for the likes of Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, adidas, VW, Lufthansa, Karma Chakhs, Samsung, Spotify, LEGO and many more.

On an irregular basis I do independent art projects, like performative or musical productions. I used to work in the Berliner Ensemble and Theatre Bremen for a couple of years and have a Master's Degree in Musicology and Theatre studies. 


I believe, that deep and sustainable impressions/experiences are the key to a truely good (brand) experience. Relevance is made of relevant interactions with the object (brand, space, actor, etc.). It is not so much about, what you want to tell (or sell), but about how much space you give; how much room for own thoughts, own memories, own experiences. We all see ourself as individuals and we want to be treated individually. This is a contradiction to one space, or one show or one clip that we create. But it can be created in a way, that we do not control the way it is interpreted or encoded, that it is individually open. Then we empower the visitor/customer/client to make it's own thoughts, experience itself as the master of his actions, and feel treated in a mature and personal way. And, in my experience, this creates depth and sustainability. It is honest and sincere. This leads from a user to a customer, from a consumer to a prosumer, from a visitor to a conversational partner.


I've been happy to work on projects that earned some global recognition: 
Annual Multimedia (Event) 2017 Silver for Telekom Smart Fashion Show. Award Gute Gestaltung 2016 (DDC) for Telekom CeBIT2015. German Brand Award 2016 Winner for Telekom CeBIT2015. German Brand Award 2016 Special Mention for Telekom IFA2015. 2x German Design Award Special 2016 Mention for Telekom IFA2015 & Connected Industry. Annual Multimedia 2016 Silver for Connected Industry. 2x if communications award 2016. Iconic Award 2016 for CeBIT2016. if communication award 2015. UX Design Award 2015 Nominee. 2x Iconic award 2015 for Telekom IFA2014. World Media Award 2014. Philadelphia Film Festival 2008 Nominee. Filmfestival Nürnberg 2008 Nominee. Interfilm 2008 Nominee.


For job inquiries, CV requests or coffee invitations send me an email or find me on xing.

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