Telekom Stage Show, IFA 2016


Deutsche Telekom

q-bus Mediatektur

Messe Berlin


For the Telekom Brand Presence at IFA 2016 in Berlin I was again entrusted with the creation of a fashion show to present the latest innovations in the field of fashion & technology and at the same time create and direct the stage concept for the trade stand in a whole. 

The whole stage concept had to be built around the subject of smart fashion and digital lifestyle. At the same time different products of the Magenta-Universe had to be presented in entertaining formats at several times during the week. The fashion show, as part of the whole stage show ran approx. 10 times the day and were often flanked interviews and presentation of finalists, project owner or curation.


DJ & Choreographer: DayBee Dee

Some images courtesy by q-bus Mediatektur GmbH


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