Concept & Copy 270° Projection Mapping


Projection Mapping of a nearly encircling wall relief for the launch of the new product family Magenta EINS of Deutsche Telekom. 48 projectors and around 100x4,5m wall surface transformed the stand in every imaginable scenario. Taking the idea of the new product family literally we could change the trade stand from a closed hall to a place right in the middle of a forrest, or move the whole scene to a beach by "opening" the walls with the projections. 

Additionally every 20 min a so called 'Magenta Eins' sequence took over the whole trade stand to present the main messages in a powerful and impressing projection show.

Client: Deutsche Telekom
Agency: q-bus Mediatektur

48 beamers
100x4,5m wall relief
Duration MagentaEINS seq.: 2:40min

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