Creative Direction


For the Telekom Brand presence at the CeBIT 2015, we created a robot ballet of 5+1 KUKA robots and a kinetic cieling of more than 1200 umbrellas. With the claim 'Wirtschaftswunder 4.0" we transformed the whole stand of over 5000 sqm into a moving industry 4.0 scene. It was the first ever uncaged Kuka robot installation. 

'Wiggle', a over 3m tall robot, was the side kick on stage, and like his five smaller friends he was carrying an umbrella. The five robots were positioned in a row, with a total radius of over 4m it was very important to take care of all the security systems, like scanners and dead man's switches. 

The choreographies were programmed months and cloud-controlled during the trade fair.


Client: Deutsche Telekom
Agency: q-bus Mediatektur
Kinetic umbrellas: whitevoid

Duration: 90 min
5+1 robots
1200 umbrellas 

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Some images are courtesy of q-bus Mediatektur


Motion graphic for 'Magenta Move'

Full documentary of the Telekom brand presence at CeBIT15