Creative Direction Concept & Copy


An exhibit to present the whole unsiverse of industry 4.0 services in a PaaS solution. Three different storylines and target groups on the paper shaped the starting point for us. Our first decision was to build a "platform", a whole-in-one exhibit to tell the PaaS story. 

We built a modularized furniture, containing all three single exhibits. This could easily be devided and re-build in parts or in total. 
A smart factory was the base for a solutions package for M2M-communication factoring. 5 white-models showed via interactive projection mapping five industry 4.0 cases from different environments, like Deutsche Bahn, Hamburg Harbor Logistics, a.o. A digital navigator connected both "sides" of the exhibit and was something like the steering centre, but presented the actual products behind the exhibits solutions.

During the CeBIT the Connected Industry Platfrom became the key photo-op for the Media for several I4.0 articles and clips.

Client: T-Systems
Agency: q-bus Mediatektur

Presented at CeBIT2015,
HMI 2015 and many more

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