Creative Direction Concept & Copy & Direction 'Magenta Wave'


Our digital daily life is best described in snapshots. With the motto "Digital Moments" the brand space of Deutsche Telekom at IFA 2015 became a gallery of our insta-moments. Most of the pictures were shot on Mallorca specially for the the Telekom Picture World. This pictures were printed on 7m tall frames. Seemingly freely leaning on the walls, we added dynamic projections and interactions to several pictures, to invite the visitors to interact with cluster-based themes, following the customer journey on the stand. 

A 'Magenta wave' at set times ran over the whole stand to communicate the main motto. This scene was connected to the stage program an was used to gather the attention for music acts, special guests, games and other show parts.  

Client: Deutsche Telekom
Agency: q-bus Mediatektur

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Eins mit deiner Welt.

The 'Magenta Wave's' main mission was to communicate "Magenta Eins". So I developed
messages using the word "EINS" with places or people. While  "Eins" means "one" and "to be one"
at the same time: "Eins mit deinen Stars", "Eins mit deiner Familie", "Eins mit deinem Zuhause".

The screen design was following the idea of the "digital moments" imagery and contained a wider set of 
the images shot on Mallorca. 


The whole light concept was based on two big circles hanging at the ceiling focusing the stage in the middle of the stand. To create a big gesture over the whole stand to gather the attention on the stage, this construction was following the needs of the 'Magenta Wave' . The same lights were also used to light up the prints in between two waves. We reckoned the exact postion for every single lamp and produced gobos forevery pair of print and lamps, to create a very unique and never done before 3D-effect.

Some images courtesy of q-bus Mediatektur

Telekom shooting, Mallorca 2015. © Dara Sepehri