Creative Direction Concept & Copy


For the CeBIT 2016 we developed an blooming environment following the motto title "Digital Spring". Flowers, apple trees and a giant kinetic blossom over the stage space made the trade stand a natural and fresh space. Continuing the process in becoming a lifestyle brand, Deutsche Telekom could present itself in a motivational, feel good environment, which is often the opposite at trade fairs. 

With the digital spring idea on top, I created a fashion show that presented the latest innovations in the field of digital lifestyle, like smart fashion, wearables, and gadgets. The bloom of digital life was a 12 min show with 8 models/dancers presenting products and concepts from designers and start-ups from Berlin to NY. The show ran at least two times the hour for about 12 times the day. See more.

Client: Deutsche Telekom
Agency: q-bus Mediatektur

approc. 6000 sqm

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The overall screen design was following the shape of the giant blossom and
appeared on every screen and LED. Besides the CD and Direction of the
smart fashion show I supervised the overall screen design, the concept
development of the exhibits and developed the main concept of the stage,
like the title Transforum which was mainly for top management talks and
interviews around the subject digital transformation. 

Interactive exhibit with transparent OLED displays.

Some images courtesy of q-bus Mediatektur.