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Telekom Smart
Fashion Show


Deutsche Telekom

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The first Smart Fashion Show for Deutsche Telekom. This project was paving the way for the first round of the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge in 2016. The CeBIT 2016 became the first public presentation of the new content and branded entertainment initiative. Seven dancers and modells together with three autonomous vehicles were showing smart fashion and devices of innovative designers and start-ups in the field Fashion Tech.

Technology becomes Fashion

Under the motto technology becomes fashion, we developed one the biggest shows in the history of the CeBIT. In 2015 Deutsche Telekom started its transformation process from product to a lifestyle brand. With this brand strategy it became necessary to find new marketing fields and more emptional campaigns. While the last years the rise of gadgets and wearables enabled a first shy lifestyle'ish communication, we wanted to find something more sustainable, and "louder" than talking about products. Again. 

This was the moment when I came up with the idea to get the brand Deutsche Telekom into the Berlin Fashion Week, hosting the future Telekom Smart Fashion Week. Right next to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it seemed to be a perfect upgrade for the BFW. 

I produced a trailer to present the idea to the client and we decided to test this intiative at CeBIT 2016 right away. So we produced a 12 min. show with 8 dancers, a DJane, autonomous platforms wearing clothes and carrying one of the life cams that broadcasted the show to a 12x3,5m curved LED wall in front of the 12m cat walk. 

It was a huge success, while every of the 12 shows per day was pulling the attendees to the Deutsche Telekom stage. This show generated the footage for the future of textiles and fashion, but also for the technology coming closer to our life and style. 

The initiative didn't led to the BFW but into the designer's award initative Fashion Fusion, hosted by Deutsche Telekom.

Duration 12min. 
12 shows/day

8 dancers
1 DJane
2 Autonomous platforms

LED: 12 x 3,5 m curved
12 cat walk

Some images courtesy of q-bus Mediatektur GmbH


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